This Eye Makeup Routine Takes 5-minutes (or less) And Is All You Need In The Morning

Words by Hilary Sheinbaum

Don’t get me wrong: I’m a morning person through and through, but, as a busy New Yorker, I’d much rather spend five extra minutes sleeping in (or walking to work) than applying makeup. Using a liquid foundation (or even a compact), to cover up my cheeks and forehead takes me less than 20 seconds, but applying eye makeup is a little more detailed and takes a bit more time and concentration. In order to get out the door and on with my day, here’s my five-minute eye-makeup routine that will make anyone look bright-eyed and well rested. Whether you’ve had a late night or forgot your coffee at home, no one will be able to tell the difference after going through these quick steps.

Eye Concealer: 15-40 seconds

First things first. 
Before creating any eye look—whether it’s subtle or over-the-top—apply Peeper Perfect under eye concealer (my shade is light/ medium) to awaken tired eyes. After warming a teeny bit of product between a thumb and pointer finger, tap lightly below each eye to conceal circles. Massaging it lightly into the skin will help it stay put all day long.

Eye Shadow: 20-45 seconds

To give the eyelids some color, eye shadow is a must. For day and evening looks (or both, if you’re doing from dawn to dusk without changing it up), Cashmere Kitten Palette has a range of shades. For the morning-to-night transition, I use Instafamous on the lid (and inside my eye crease) and Frisky (in and above my eye crease). For day-only look, Holographic Biscuits is best. Pulling an all-nighter, partying? Go for Prowl and Grumpy… but for the purpose of this tutorial; stick with a mix of colors that are appropriate for work.

Eyeliner: 2 minutes

To be fair, sometimes eyeliner can take longer than we ever expect. Even the most skilled and steady hands need a do-over from time to time. Trace a line on the edge of your upper eyelid, as thick or as thin as you desire. Repeat motions as needed. (Optional: do the same on your lower lid—although, you may notice a less-alert look). After dedicating a sincere amount of undivided attention to lining your eyes, a waterproof product like Feliner eyeliner in shade bowtie is recommended. It can withstand weather and happy tears.

Mascara: 25 seconds to 1 minute

Mascara always adds the final touch. So Extra lengthens lashes with its velvety composition. By applying product from the root of the hair (closest to the upper eyelid), in an upward motion, layer on as many coats to achieve the ideal volume. (Optional: do the same on the lower eyelid lashes, from root-to-tip). Now you’re set to flash those lashes everywhere you go.

Congrats. You’ve achieved a flawless eye-makeup look in less than five minutes. Now, you have time to do five-extra minutes of pushups, make your bed or hit the snooze button a time or two more. Whatever you choose, you’ll look perfectly alert and awake all day.