Meet Team Winky Lux: Kate Fernandez, Brand Marketing Director

Meet KATE!

Where are you from?

• A place where the NYC Skyline views are taken for granted and a great cup of Colombian coffee ☕ is still $1 

What are you up to at Winky Lux?

• As brand marketing director I create and execute the marketing calendar 🗓, forge and 🤝 nurture brand partnerships, manage and produce events and work with the team to create on-brand content 

What are your favorite Winky Lux products?

• Peeper Perfect in Medium, Dream Gelee and Creamy Dreamy in Creme 💎 are a part of my every day routine. The Matte Lip Velours 💄 were the first Winky Lux product I ever tried (back in 2015 – 2 years before I was hired at the sexy santa party!) and I have Meow, Bunny, and Dirty Love in my regular lip rotation 

What does your ideal Saturday look like?

• A comfy early morning reading the New York Times with Molokai (my cat 😽), gym and coffee with my bestie who happens to live in the neighborhood, a quick shop at my local farmer’s market and home-cooked eats with friends 

Best beauty tip?

• Bend your mascara brush 90 degrees for better control of the brush for evenly coated, voluminous lashes 👁 

What was your most recent splurge?

• Walkas Mini Portable Cool Mist Humidifier – I honestly don’t even care what humidifiers are good for, it was just so cute 

Stay in touch with Kate on Instagram!

• 📸 @katenip