How To: Create A Bubbly Braid In 7-Steps

Being extra isn’t just a state of mind it’s a lifestyle choice. Your clothes, shoes, hair, makeup, and of course, your personality all must be in sync. In celebration of the launch of our So Extra Mascara, we thought it would be just beyond if we shared a little hair tip on creating one of the most extra hairstyles known as—the bubbly braid.

Brush your hair

First things first, grab your brush—preferably a paddle brush—and remove any tangles from your dry hair.

Spritz texture hairspray onto your dry hair

Lightly spritz your hair with amika Un.Done Volume and Matte Texture Spray, to add some extra volume to your hair. Make sure you apply some texture spray to the roots of your hair, and then lightly fluff your hair with your fingers for some extra volume.

Create a low ponytail

Pull a small portion of your hair back to the nape of your neck, then secure your hair in a low ponytail with elastic. Remember not to pull too tight, as you want to keep the ponytail as loose as possible.

Add another piece of elastic 2-inches down

Recreating the fourth step, make your way 2-inches down and create the same ponytail. Also, try to keep the ponytail as loose as possible.

Gently tug both ponytails between each elastics to create a bubble effect

Begin with the first section, directly underneath the first elastic. Use your fingers to grab your hair on both sides of your ponytail, then gently tug at both sides with equal pressure.

Move down to the next section and create another bubble

Use your fingers to tug down the second section of your hair to create the next bubble. Tug the bubble through approximately the same size as the first one. Apply this action all the way down your ponytail, repeat this action until the bubbles are the same size as the first one.

Set the bubbly braid

Lightly spritz your hair with hairspray to keep the bubbles in place. If you’re looking for a stronger and durable spray to the style in place, we suggest using amika Headstrong Hair Spray.

Images courtesy of Megan Gentry and amika
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