“Glimmer Glimmer More”

Today marks something very special to our hearts, the launch of our new pH reactive, sparkly bold, wrapped in gold, Glimmer pH Balm in the shade Ruby. It glides on clear and, of course, darlings creates the perfect shade of pink.

Kicking off our holiday gift-giving season, please welcome the fourth shade in our darling Glimmer Balm Collection, Ruby. For $16 we can assure you that you will be saying, “Glimmer Glimmer More,” as soon as it glides onto your lips. Do read 4 Lipstick Shades That Make Your Teeth Look Whiter, because, boos, we don’t want your teeth looking yellow.

To inspire you babes to glimmer and shine, we collated some of the best, weird, funky, and rad ruby themed pop-culture moments throughout Hollywood history, inspired by the brilliant minded, and Winky Lux’s E-mail Marketing Manager, Brad Farrell. 

Britney [Bi*ch] can do no wrong in our eyes. From smashing a car with an umbrella to her iconic kiss with Madonna. This babe glimmers-and-shines no matter what she does. 

Taylor Swift must have an amazing dentist because this babe predominately wears ruby shaded lipsticks—did you know Taylor likes to wear our famous Matte Lipstick in the shade of Bond?

While researching for this article, I counted 37-times our darling Selena wore a ruby shaded dress. In retrospect, she does look amazing in every single outfit. She’s ruby-ready all day, every day. 

If Eminem’s reaction isn’t enough of an indicator of how intense Ms Gaga is in ruby red, then you should watch her performance. Not only did she hang herself up on stage, but she also started bleeding ruby-red. I wonder if her real blood sparkles and shines? 

The one and only, OG, Marilyn Monroe, was born, with what I assume, natural, ruby plump lips. In my eyes, she was the original Kylie Jenner (sorry Kylie, not really though). Iconically known for her sparkling pink lips, Marilyn paved the way for women everywhere to sparkle and shine. 

Stay ruby ready and glimmer more today