Meet Team Winky Lux: Kristen Leonard, EVP Of Product Development


Where are you from?

 • I grew up in Commack, New York, Long 🏝 Island 

What are you up to at Winky Lux?

 • I’m the EVP of Product 📋 Development Team 

What are your favorite Winky Lux products?

• So Extra Mascara 👁 And I love our Cashmere Kitten Palette 🐱 

How do you take your coffee?

With a splash of 🍼 whole milk 

Favorite thing about working for a beauty brand?

• The exposure to new innovation before it hits the shelves 💄 It’s fun to know what is coming and to see customers react so positively to something you’ve been working on for quite a while 

Current favorite song?

• Ludlow Expectations by Butch Walker 🎵 (which is a funny coincidence since our office is on Ludlow Street) 

What does your ideal Saturday look like?

 • My toddler sleeps past 6:30AM 👼 that’s it. That’s all I ask for these days 

Best beauty tip?

• When you think you’re fully blended, blend twice more … foundation lines around the hairline and jawline are my biggest beauty peeve 🙎 

Favorite flavor of ice cream?

 • Mint Chocolate Chip 🍨 (only if it’s from Baskin Robbins