5 Instagrammable Indoor Places in NYC

This past month in New York has been beyond cold and icy. Plans have gone awash because of the windy weather and our inability to enjoy ourselves when the commute alone feels like we’re morphing into icicles. We tend to become too attached to our apartments or work longer hours while minimizing our social life to scrolling down our Instagram feeds. We’ve got a solid month (give or take) left of winter here in the city, and it’s time to break the work-home routine and prep for those summer days us New Yorkers literally live for. We’ve got a few places in mind where you can go, remain warm, and snap an instagrammable photo to up your feed game. Grab your bestie and bundle up! These 5 spots are worth the commute. 

Gold Bar

There’s a reason this bar is so difficult to get into. Gold skulls line the walls of the small dungeonesque lounge, making for a very sultry background for your snap. Get yourself a funky cocktail or a glass of champagne and melt into the couches. Arrive early for the best picture-taking opportunities, and hey, there’s never a better time to go than when it’s cold. While others stay inside for a boring night in, you’ll be raking in those likes from the moody gold background in your pics. 

The Wing

So you may not be a member of this all-female society, but one of your friends surely is. Hit them up for a coffee and ask them to bring you as their +1. The pink couches coupled with the semi-elitist nature of the place makes for the perfect ‘gram. Pretend you’re a bookworm at one their fem-forward bookcases or snap a pic of your coffee art. Either way, your photo will be instantly viral and fabulously feminist. 

Grand Central

Hey Serena, we know you want to return for a pic in the terminal now that iPhone cameras are 5 million times better than flip phones. If indeed you are as much of a Gossip Girl fan as we are, Grand Central is a natural spot for you to want to be papped in. The towering ceilings, marble finish, and crazy light in this enormous hall make for a great pic (you’ll also pick up some love on the pic from tagging the location – it’s extremely popular). Whether you’re leaning on one of the pretty ticket booths, or standing atop the magnificent staircases, this is one NYC photo you absolutely have to have. Oh, and the best thing about shooting Grand Central on a chilly day? Magnolia Bakery has a location downstairs in the food hall. Grab yourself a cupcake, girl, you deserve it.

The Skylark

Right in the heart of midtown Manhattan, lies this incredible 30th-floor rooftop bar. You won’t be strolling to the outdoor part of the bar to brave the elements. Your fingers and toes will thank you as you find yourself in the most picture-perfect lounge. It’s interior is curated to perfection and you’ll think the West Elm gods came and sprinkled fairy dust over ton every square foot. Again, the best time to get there is early in the evening before the after work crowd hits. They might even let you sprawl across one of their lush couches to create the bougiest photo in your gallery.

Winky Lux

We had to include a tidbit of shameless self-promotion here because, duh, we’re social-media savvy. Our makeup clubhouse on the Lower East Side is the place if you’re looking for a douse of color in your portfolio, given that we have a flower wall (#Yoncé) and pretty magical makeup. Did we mention our flower wall is handmade by the boss babes working at the Winky Lux HQ?! Snap away, ladies – because you’re like, really pretty. 



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